Farion’s Adventures In The Fairelands & Why I Relay


Farion Is Lost

“Ahoy there, Fairelander”, calls down Farion to me. Hearing a small voice I look around and see no one. “Up here, look up on the post” he chimes. Raising my hand above my head so I can see better, I see the little blue pixie, “Why hello there Fairelander”. Fluttering his wings “Will you help me, I am lost and need some help. You see the Fairelands is a huge and wondrous place, but I is but a small pixie” Farion explains to me. “Well what do you need help with, and what may I call you Fairelander?” I respond to him. He flutters his wings and puffs his chest out all proud, “I be Farion!” he announces. “I need help getting around the Fairelands, May I travel with you?” pausing and thinking about that it wouldn’t be bad having a companion to travel with I nod, “Sure why not?”. Farion hops up from the post and lands on my shoulder and points left, “Let’s go!” he says all excitedly. “Wait, wait, I am Farion, but who are you?”, as I starting walking towards Anansi. “My name is KhaleesiShinn, but my friends call me Zaps” Farion smiles and responds, “Zaps, let zap off to Anansi!” shaking my head I make my way to Anansi.

Farion Gets Ready For The Circus

We come into the land of Anansi and onto the huge floating ship in the center of the lands. Upon seeing the circus Farion leaps up and flies off into the tent he found and sits on the stool beckoning me over, “Look Farion can join the circus and be famous!”. I laugh at him and shake my head, “Really? You sure, I mean there is lions, fire rings to leap though, trapeze, high wires and I thought you wanted to see the Fairelands”. Fluttering up from his seat he lands on the table and looks at the make up on the table and then proceeds to try and open them. “Come on now, am sure you will make a great clown but . .” I say to him, the next thing I know he’s hiding in my hair trembling. “Farion not likes clowns, maybe I won’t join the circus then, let’s get out of here!” he exclaims. “You are a silly pixie, now come out of my hair and sit back on my shoulder” I tell him as he finally settles back down and we make way over to Egregore.

Farion Makes A New Friend

Night comes down upon us as we make our way though into Egregore and see many strange and wonderful things. As we hop and skip over the magical keyboards and pass the circus we come across a huge doll peeking out from under the grass. Before I know it Farion jumps off my shoulder and sits on the headless doll mannequin beside me. “Ello am Farion” the blue pixie calls to the huge doll. I just stand and watch from the doll to Farion and back again. “Farion I don’t think . . ” before I can finish my sentence I get cut off by Farion, “Shh shh, can’t you hear him talking to me?”. I just look at him like he has lost the plot. “Must be cause your a elf you can’t hear him, but his name is Ben and he is my friend now. He has invited me over for dinner tomorrow as he is rather sleepy now.” Slipping off the mannequin he lands back on my shoulder and I whisper, “You know he might be inviting you over for dinner but your the dinner!” Huffs in my ear “Your just jealous of Farion!”. Rolling my eyes at him, we carry on walking into the next Fairelands, Kakusi Pasu.

Farion Flies Off To New Adventures

We cross the bridges, admiring the flowers and the blossom trees as we make our way around and up to the centre to the Fairecylde. “Look look” Farion excitedly points to the huge dragon above. “Maybe we can get a free ride to the next lands! You likes dragons don’t you Khaleesi” he snickers. Before I could even respond am suddenly sat on the back of the dragon with Farion, “Well erm yes I do like dragons” I finally respond to his retort. Farion pats the dragon on the head “Onwards dragon!” and points towards San Mora and off we fly.

Farion And A AK.47 Spells Trouble

The dragon drops us off at the border of a land that has been badly devastated. Looking around cautiously Farion hops back onto my shoulder and we make our way past the run down shops, the huge over-pass that has split in two. We see all kinds of broken buildings, rubbish everywhere and exit through the huge stone wall into open land and can see a crashed plane in the distance. On further inspection there is a tower and I venture up the ladder to take a rest from all the walking. Farion has other ideas though. Jumping off, he hops up the boxes and parks himself on the crates. “Look Farion can use that” he points towards the AK.47. “And what exactly is a pixie going to do with a human sized rifle?” asking in wonder. “Well you see I can shoots the zombies whilst you play look out” he beams with pride at that idea. “And how are you going to shoot it, I don’t think your arms could even reach the trigger”, I nearly burst out laughing at him. “Farion will show you!” then proceeds to hop down the crates and I grab him before he gets near the rifle, “I don’t think so, Farion! You’ll probably end up shooting me in the foot!” He tries to wiggle out of my grasp. “Come on, next Fairelands, before I regret taking you with me!”

Farion Trying To Hitch A Free Ride

Adventuring into Fallen Sands, we see lots of cactus, Arabian stalls and a small pool in the middle, just in front of a cave. At the pool we come across Bedouin tents and a belly dancer, as well huge elephants enjoying the water pool. Bouncing up and down with excitement on my shoulder Farion yells out “ELEPHANTS! ELEPHANTS!” and flutters off and sits on one elephants tusk. “Ya know Khaleesi I love elephants, they are so friendly, but we don’t see them alot here” he tells me. The elephant nods his head in agreement, almost sending Farion flying into the pool of water below. Hardly able to contain myself I let out a laugh, “Almost had a free bath there!”. Flying back up Farion whispers in the elephants huge ear, which I can’t hear, and sits back on his tusk. “Mr Elephant here says he will take us through to border to Opal Flight! Come, come Khaleesi, we don’t have all say ya know!” he exclaims. I climb onto the back of the elephant, and we begin our trek to Opal Flight.

Farion Leading Us A Stray!

We enter Opal Flight, and immediately meet with huge fishes and octopuses flying over our heads as we walk along the dainty path, being careful not to fall into the sea. We see all manner of huge creatures around us, even a octopus playing a cello. Walking futher around, there are white boats with what looks like owls sat in them. Farion grabs me by the ear, “Come come, we can join the owl”. Tenderly I sit myself next to the owl,  whilst Farion parks himself at the bow of the boat, shaped as a huge leaf. “Mr Owl, am Farion and this is my friend Khaleesi. May you take us for a boat ride” he asks loudly to the owl. Looking to the owl, then back to Farion, “Farion”, again I get cut off by the pixie, “Shh shh Khaleesi, he wil take us for a boat ride, don’t get upset”. I just look at him with a glare. He blows a raspberry at me, “Just you wait Farion” I tell him. We set off on the boat ride about Opal Flight seeing all the sea creatures leap over us and the art work that is captured in the high strands of coral. Dropping us off at the border, I grab Farion by the foot. “You are a mischievous pixie, maybe I should of stuck you in a cage THEN brought you with me” I tell him. “Farion in a cage, oh no, Farion is on his best behaviour!” he announces. “I’d dread to think what your like on a mischievous day! Let’s go” and onwards we go.

Farion Telling A Frog Why We Relay

Tall grass, huge lily pads and giant purple and white flowers greet us upon entering Mudrana. Here everything is so huge, you feel like the tiniest of creatures in a pond. Coming upon a lily pad I stop to take a small nap on a flower. Waking up I see Farion across from me talking to a frog and hear him talking. “Mr Frog, do you relay?” he asks. The frog croaks back to him. “Good, good. I relay too, cause we have to help out those who are unfortunate to suffer from Cancer, to the tiniest creature to the tallest giant. You ask how can one so small make a difference. Well you can help by donating into the kiosks to help fund Relay To Life for the American Cancer Society, who help anyone who needs care.” he pauses and sees that am listening. “Khaleesi, why do you relay?” he looks at me and waits. “I relay cause my mum had cervical cancer, and lost half her womb and was told she would never be able to have children again, but 6 years later she gave birth to my younger sister. It was a risk as there was a point Dr’s told her it might be a choice between her and my baby sister when it came to giving birth, but luckily both survived and I love my mum and my sister dearly. My sister now has a bouncy little baby of her own.” letting out a sigh after telling Farion my story. He smiles at me and hops back onto my shoulder. “Let’s press on Khaleesi” he says as he pats me on my ear.

Farion Get Down From There

Taking a calm and quiet walk from Mudrana we enter the bright lands of the Spirit Pool. After exiting the tunnel we are greeted with huge statues and I look up and notice the huge state of what is a angel wrapping his arms and wings around the lands. “Look Farion, were in the arms of an angel” pointing out the huge statue to him. “Oh yes, yes!” he nods. We continue our tour about the lands and come across a octopus statue. Flying up from my shoulder he lands on the statue, “Farion, come down from there, it might come alive and squish you!”. His arms cross his belly and he points and laughs at me, “What?” I ask. “Khaleesi, a statue coming alive?! Your funny” he taunts at me. “Hey I ain’t the one who made friends with a doll statue” I retort back to him. “Pffftt, you are jealous! Okay, okay Miss Elf Ears, am coming” he mocks back. “Let’s go on, before I think about feeding you to the mermaids!”

Farion Tells Khaleesi "If It Ain't Baroque Don't Fix It!"

As we leave the Spirit Pool, we come across The Rose fairelands which is surrounded by water and in the centre is a huge baroque building with statues and many many stores with red rose petals scattered across the floor. Hopping off my shoulder Farion skips along till he finds some rose petals and a mask. “Khaleesi, look look what I find it’s a mask!” he calls up to me. Sitting myself on the ground so I could see it better, he sits on top of it. “Oh yes so it is, I wander who lost it” I tell him. “Well it looks baroque to me, and if it ain’t baroque don’t fix it I says,” Farion explains. Shaking my head in a no manner, “Where did that saying come from?” curiosity getting the better of me I asked him. “Well it’s what other pixies told me” he laughs and flutters up and sits on my head. Onward with our travels we find the garden with a long pond on top of the building and slowly make our way back down and on towards the next Fairelands.

Farion Tries To Sing  . .

Entering the lands of Dawn’s Promise the sky turns a rosy pink with stunning flowers and trees everywhere and bridges connecting between floating islands. Taking in the pretty lands we make our way through until Farion sees lots of rabbits and a bathtub full of flowers. Next thing I know he is sat there all proud like and I hear this itchy scratching noise. “Fluffy bunny, fluffy bunny, won’t you come hop with me. Farion will help you find your juicy yummy carrots . . “, I hear him sing . . or at least try too. I look down at one rabbit who has his paws over his ears. I sit down and talk to the naughty pixie. “Farion, I think you care scaring off the poor bunnies” I tell him as I see one hop off under the bathtub to hide from him. Pouting and crossing his arms and holding his head high, “They just don’t know good music when they hear it!” he scoffs. Picking him up and placing him back on my shoulder he sulks as we walk off towards the Hill.

Farion Takes Over The Airwaves

As the rosy pink sky fades away we come into the land of The Hill. Bright clear blue sky with fluffy clouds, luscious green grass, rolling hills, trees and a lake in the middle. As we walk around we come across the homes of what looks like hobbits. We can hear the birds singing and were met with a dozen small creatures roaming the lands. From dinkies, little dragons, more pixies and even mischievous rolling deers that like to spin on benches. We come across the tents, picnic tables and fireworks, which thankfully Farion didn’t spot! Instead he spots the DJ desk and turntables and flies over. Farion presses a button on the desk which glows green and says “ON AIR”. Moving in closer to the mic, Farion starts, “This is an unscheduled interruption but this is DJ Farion coming to you live from The Hill. Next up am going to play to you my favourite song . . and it goes a little bit like this!”. He places the needle onto the LP and the lyrics “I like to move it, move it” come blaring though the speakers. After playing his song he speaks back into the mic, “I hope you enjoyed my favourite song. Farion out!” he then turns off the light and grins at me like he has just made a dream come true. “Did you enjoy that Farion?” I ask. He nods his head fast. “Yes, yes. I always to play on Fantasy Faire radio, hope Zander doesn’t mind!” he laughs. “Come, lets carry on!” I tell him and we go on further with our wanderings.

Farion Gate Crashes Reading Time

The sky around us darken as we leave the bright skies of The Hill. There is roses all around us with lots of tall trees and grass mounds. Following the path to an open area, I sit down for a while and pick up a book that is nearby that details some of the land around us. But it doesn’t last long. Farion gate crashes the peace by landing on the book. “Farion! Really come on now, that is just plain rude!” I glare at him and tell him off. “Farion wants to carry on . . come on Khaleesi, come on” he begs. Finally I shut the book and put it down. “Come on then you, let’s go see the rest of the land.” We take a walk down through the trees and at the bottom is a statue stuck in a huge red ruby surrounded by trees and roses. Taking in the sights we walk though the trees and comes across the next lands.

Farion Wants To Rule The Fortress

Looking about Chaddul Ro we see large tusks raise out the grounds alongside a muddy path sweeping in front of us. Taking a closer peek into the buildings we see that they are stalls. Walking further up the path we come across the drawbridge of the fort of lands. Farion hops down onto the edge of the drawbridge and looks up to me. “Khaleesi, Khaleesi, you go bring that dragon back and I will look after the fort. I am Lord Farion, blue pixie of Chaddul Ro” he exclaims. “Farion, I may know how to deal with dragons but I ain’t dragging him back here, we haven’t finished our travels for one!”, crossing my arms and looking at him. He flutters up and stands on the gate edge. “I, Lord Farion, claim these lands, but alas my peasant needs me to travel with her!” he laughs. reaching out I go to grab him and he moves just out of my reach and flies off. Giving chase to the crazy pixie I follow him through the lands, about ready to find a cage to stick him in.

Farion Plays Hide N Seek

I chase him though the Fairelands Junction and into Morbus, a dark and foreboding place, full of dead dragon bones, thorns and a tower that rises up into the sky. Seeing a flash of blue in the distance darting through the thorns and stopping at a dragon skeleton I run up and find him. “Farion, thinks he is in trouble!” he mumbles. “Ya think? I am not a peasant, you long eared trouble making pixie!” I say displeased at him. Folding his arms, he looks up at me, “Farion, is sorry. He will be a good pixie and not called Khaleesi a peasant”. Looking down at him I smile, “Good that is better, you can be Lord Farion if you want, but am not a peasant, deal?”. Bouncing with excitement where he is sat, “Oh yes Lord Farion, I like that!” he exclaims. “Come Khaleesi, there is a tower over there, let’s go explore it!”

Farion Goes Cooking!

Braving though the thorny bushes, dead skeletons we come to the foot of the tower and find a portal magically come to life as we come close to it. Farion grips my hair as I walk closer to the portal, then through it. The portal flushes blue as we enter taking us to a room in the tower. As the blue dots of the portal fade away there is a cauldron with a potions table before us with Farion sitting on it. “Cooking time Khaleesi, what can I cook, hmm” he muses, “I have mushrooms let me put them in the cauldron!” he says with excitement as we tosses in a mushroom and watches the cauldron’s hot water splatter upwards as it lands and suddenly vanishes before us. “I don’t think I will be eating or drinking anything from that cauldron!” says I to Farion. Looking on the table I see a list of how to make a potion to dispel a demon. “Hey look, it says about making this to get rid of a evil demon”, I tell Farion. Scattering about the room I find the ingredients and put them into the cauldron, as Farion watches on. He puts in the small vial of cordial along with some honey and I place the other ingredients in the cauldron and make the potion and put it in a vial and places it in my pocket. “I think we should keep this to keep all nasty things away from the Fairelands, don’t you?”, I tell him. “Yes, yes and Khaleesi isn’t no peasant, shes a witch, a magical witch!” he laughs happily, “Lord Farion and his witchy side-kick Khaleesi keeping the demons away from the Fairelands!”.


Lady Of The Flowers

Lady Of The Flowers

Flower Lady

Like the glittering sun;
When a flash of wind whirls around me,
I end up looking for you, who has faded into the scenery,
Why is it this so fragrant, as if this is a dream?
Like flowers my lady, you have been rooted in my heart,
So you can’t go elsewhere

Stay with me, you’re so beautiful,
Shine your leaves; will you always bloom for me?
So only I can see it, stay, you stay always

I’ll gather all the dampened petals,
Fill it with love, and put it upon your lips,
I want to send you my passion;
My love which will never dry, baby,
Like flowers my lady, your natural body language,
Your bright smile, and even your soft lips

– DBSK –
(Lyrics translated from Korean)

Hair: eXxEsS – XIOLA Mesh Hair – A
Skin: Amara Beauty – Justine – 06 (Powder Pack April’17)
Outfit: Naminoke – Rafflesia – Purple – Comes with 12 pieces covering the body, 2 head & 2 eye pieces (not worn), 2 arm pieces,
1 back, 2 body and 2 leg pieces (Fantasy Faire – San Mora)

Pose: Rack Poses – Seduction Dollarbie

Photo Taken At: Fantasy Faire – Kakushi Pasu

Outlander Wandering In Dawn’s Promise

Outlander Wandering In Dawn's Promise

Outlander – Main Title Theme (Skye Boat Song)

Sing me a song of a lass that is gone
Say, could that lass be I?
Merry of soul she sailed on a dais
Over the sea to Skye

Billow and breeze, islands and seas
Mountains of rain and sun
All that was good, all that was fair
All that was me is gone

Sing me a song of a lass that is gone
Say, could that lass be I?
Merry of soul she sailed on a dais
Over the sea to Skye

– Bear McCreary –

Hair: eXxEsS – XIOLA Mesh Hair – A
Headdress: Belle Epoque – { Sabine Headpiece } – (Fantasy Faire 2017 Quest Prize)
Necklace: The Plastik – RFL Sword Pendant – Keepsake (worn) and Pendant, male and female sizes. Come in the box with a hud (Fantasy Faire 2017 – Chaddul Ro)
Dress: Belle Epoque – { Brianna } – White – Dress and sleeves comes in Maitreya & Slink Hourglass.
Other colors available are blue, mint, pink and yellow (Fantasy Faire 2017 – Raven’s Perch)
Puppy In Basket: Jian – Splendid Spaniels 16. Daffodils (Gacha)

Pose: Joplino – Aynur 2

Photo Taken At: Fantasy Faire 2017 – Dawn’s Promise


Outlander Wandering In Dawn’s Promise

Dancing In The Spirit Pool

Dancing In The Spirit Pool @ Fantasy Faire 2017

Beyond The Sea

Somewhere beyond the sea
somewhere waiting for me
my lover stands on golden sands
and watches the ships that go sailin’

Somewhere beyond the sea
she’s there watching for me
If I could fly like birds on high
then straight to her arms
I’d go sailin’

It’s far beyond the stars
it’s near beyond the moon
I know beyond a doubt
my heart will lead me there soon

We’ll meet beyond the shore
we’ll kiss just as before
Happy we’ll be beyond the sea
and never again I’ll go sailin’

– Frank Sinatra –

Headdress: Beyond Persuasion Design EEc – Nature’s beautiful imperfection: Mulhalmoni – RFL Edition (Fantasy Faire – Fallen Sands)
Hair: eXxEsS – XIOLA Mesh Hair – A

Skin: Plastik – Koie Skin (Femme):// RFL Hope – Comes with appliers for catwa, Genesis, Lelutka, Maitreya Body, Slink Body, Omega Body,
tattoo applier, 3 sets of eyes, 4 system layered skin, 4 brow options, 5 sysmtem layered tatto layers (Fantasy Faire – Chaddul Ro)

Arm Attachements: Abstract Soul – Call of Spirits – Gacha Rares (Right Arm, Left Arm & Torso) (Fantasy Faire – The Spirit Pool)

Mermaid Tail & Top: !dM deviousMind – Undine – LILAC – Comes in Maitreya, Hourglass and standard sizes with sidefins, pasties, finbelt,
stringflexi, tailfin hipflexi, mermaid tail, centerflexi and spine flexi (Fantasy Faire – The Rose)

Pose: *Everglow* – Ariel 05

Photo taken at: Fantasy Faire – The Spirit Pool

You shall NOT PASS!!

You Shall NOT PASS!!

“I am Morganna of the Fairelands, Mage Of Rivenspire! You are not welcome here”, she called out to the huge foul creature that wants to destroy the Fairelands and devour her lands in his corrupt evil and dark ways. Conjuring up the blades of Hope, Love, Life, Happiness and Harmony in the air before her aimed at the creature, poised, waiting.

An evil cackle shrieks out from its mouth, a noise no living person wants to hear. “Do not presume you can defeat me, Fairelander! You are but one, were as I am many!”

“You forget, creature of the dark, one very important thing!” Morganna retorts back to him, blades at the ready, as he hovers up above her with the crows calling out in excitement of the battle to come.

You Shall NOT PASS!!

He tilts his head, “Oh and what is that? You small insignificant Fairelander!!” he yells back down to her, his clawed hands and feet clenching and unclenching as if getting ready to pounce.

“I am not but one Fairelander! I am but one of many thousands, who has Hope, Love, Life, Happiness and Harmony which can destroy any kind of darkness.” Pausing for a second, closing her eyes she draws on all the strength of the Fairelands and raising her voice “You have no power here . . Go back to the shadows . .  You shall NOT PASS”

Moving her arms back, gaining all the power and strength she has, focused on the swords and the creature, thrusting her arms forward in the air she sends the blades flying towards the creature. On collusion the blades explode in a blinding white ball of light. Wrapping herself tightly with up her wings so as not to get blinded she peeks from underneath and sees the ball of light disappear down behind the tower . . . .

Hope you all enjoyed my go at a story behind the picture!

Hair: Tableau Vivant – Hairplay – Front Blow – Vivids+Pastels (Gacha Item)
Skin: .:Soul:. – G2 F – Ceredil – Gyouko – SE Hyacinth (Fantasy Faire – Mudrana)
Outfit: Dirty Princess – Darkness Princess Mesh Outfit w/Shoes – Comes in standard mesh sizes with skirt, 2 tops, sleeves, leggings and shoes for slink feet (not worn)
Wings: [Spider Productions] – Ascendant Wings – Fallen (Fantasy Faire – Fallen Sands) – See previous post for full details on the wings HERE

Pose: Poseidon – Sword Mage – RFL Mega Pack (Fantasy Faire – San Mora)

Photo Taken At: Fantasy Faire – Morbus



Here Comes The Sun



Buzzing Around The Hill

2 Naughty Bees

Here Comes The Sun

Here comes the sun (doo doo doo doo)
Here comes the sun, and I say
It’s all right

Little darling, it’s been a long cold lonely winter
Little darling, it feels like years since it’s been here
Here comes the sun
Here comes the sun, and I say
It’s all right

Little darling, the smiles returning to the faces
Little darling, it seems like years since it’s been here
Here comes the sun
Here comes the sun, and I say
It’s all right

– The Beatles –

2 naughty busy bees buzzing around the Faire, lots to see and do . . buzz buzz!

First Photo

Hair – Truth Hair – VIP Bangs – Swept Left – Blonde
Skin – Amara Beauty – Justine – 06 (Powder Pack April’17)
Outfit – Poet’s Heart – Insecta – Bumblebee – Comes with Boots, Dress, Hat, Sleeves and Wings (Animated & Static) – for a Maitreya body (Fantasy Faire – Fallen Sands – 1st Floor)

Pose: An Lar Poses – The Anais Mini Series – One

Second Photo:

JJ’s Outfit: Poet’s Heart – Insecta Flower Beetle – Comes with dress, hat, sleeves, boots & animated and static wings – for a Maitreya body (Fantasy Faire – Fallen Sands 1st Floor)
For full details visit her blog HERE

Chairs: Mistique – Fairy Flower Seats Lilac (1st seat) & Pink  (2nd seat) – Comes with 7 couples poses and 6 single poses with a Land Impact of 4 (Fantasy Faire – Mudrana)

Photos Taken At: Fantasy Faire – The Hill 

Protecting The Fairelands, One Critter At A Time

Protecting The Fairelands, One Critter At A Time

Rescue Me

Rescue me
Take me in your arms
Rescue me
I want your tender charm
‘Cause I’m lonely
And I’m blue
I need you
And your love too
Come on and rescue me

– Fontella Bass –

Hair: eXxEsS – Citron Mesh Hair – A
Skin: Amara Beauty – Justine – 06 (Powder Pack April’17)
Staff: Bite & Claw – Winter Druids Staff – Comes with a animated and non scripted version (Fantasy Faire – Fallen Sands)
Necklace: The Plastik – The Grolda Necklace – Comes with a hud with 21 colours (Fantasy Faire – Chaddul Ro)
Dress: [EvelineIntheBox] – Equinox – Purple – Comes in fitted mesh, also with horns and a blindfold (not worn) (Fantasy Faire – Mudrana)
Rabbit: Jian  – Floppy Ear Bunny :: Static – Look Up L (Collabor88)

Wings: [Spider Productions] – Ascent Wings (Bento) – (Fantasy Faire – Fallen Sands)
* BENTO rigged mesh wings
* Easy to use H.U.D.
* Universal AO Compatible (works with any AO)
* Mesh Bento Rigged Wings with Independent Wing Movement Stand Flap, Glide, Open/Close, Shielding Embrace on the ground or in the air
* AO with enhanced movement controls 23 custom animations hover/fly/glide/bank/swoop/dive/spin and power kneel
* QL textures with normals and materials enabled for “advanced lighting” rendering and a beautiful specular gloss
* Custom Sound Effects
* 3 Sizes Large, Medium, Small
* Human/Furry/Petite/Mini/Beast Compatible (compatibility may vary)

Pose:  Exposeur – February Gift 2015 – 8

Photo Taken At: Fantasy Faire – Fairelands Junction

Photo was Fantasy Faire SL Picture Of The Day – 21st April 2017 – Thank you so much, am honored!