Pose Fair 2017

Feeding The Ducks

Feeding The Ducks

The pose used above is just one of the many pose exclusives of the fair.


Pose: [West End] Poses – My Time – Comes with 5 static poses and pose balls (Pose Fair April 14th – 29th 2017)

Hair: eXxEsS – Citron Mesh Hair – A
Skin: Pink Fuel – Sabine – Latte
Dress: Blueberry – Breeanya
Shoes: !Rebel Hope – Aniqua Mesh Wedge Heels Rebel Pack – Maitreya

Pose Fair Links:

Pose Fair Flickr Group
Pose Fair Location
Pose Fair Demo Area

The Pose Fair will open on Friday, April 14th at 12pm SLT running till April 29th and each creator has put out at least 2 new items for the Pose Fair, so look out for the “Pose Fair Exclusive” signs and grab yourself a great offer!

There are close to 100 pose makers offering a wide variety of poses, ranging from bento, adult themed to child themed animations and props, with something for everyone. You will find the adult themed items located on the East side of the sim and the many PG single, couple and group themed items can be found on the West side.

If you are on a limited budget, then there is also the individual pose makers group gifts – which requires you to join their store group (most are free) – as well as gifts whilst at the Pose Fair Event itself, not requiring a group. Below are just some of the gifts that are available as Pose Fair gifts. With so many different pose makers offering up their designs you will find many great bargains.

Top 3 From Left to Right: 1) Juxtapose – PF2017 Gift 2) -IC Poses– Fun 3) -IC Poses- Closer
Bottom 3 From Left to Right: 1) Mmm…Kay! -Summer Sass Group Pose 2) KJim Poses -Vigil (including candle & lotus) 3) SN ~ Circle Of Friends

At the Pose Fair with so many Exclusive offers going on, it’s hard not to pass up on them.

Without all these poses and props we wouldn’t be able to create the so many awesome photos we see in Flickr, blogs and many other social websites. Sadly poses don’t get the credit like they should, after all they are enhancing our photos and can make a boring picture turn into something truly amazing.

Since becoming a blogger I like to make sure the poses as well as the sim I take the photo at take some credit, as without them I couldn’t create that picture, it’s also a great way to explore Second Life and to learn of many new and interesting places.



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