Queen Of The Waves

Queen Of The Waves

Where Mermaid’s Dwell

Come to the place where mermaids dwell
Follow the call of trumpet shells
We’ll fill your sails with friendly winds
And point the way with shining fins
And you can bid your cares farewell

Come to the place where mermaids dwell
In dreams you know the way so well
For if you hope and you believe
You’ll see the golden nets we weave
You’ll hear the stories that we tell
Where mermaids dwell x4

There are dolphins to ride for pleasure
And starfish that twinkle all night long
Streams of pearls and sunken treasure
And a mermaid song

Come to the place where mermaids dwell
Where shimmering ocean waters swell
Where laughing children of the waves
Play hide and seek among the caves
And ride a seahorse carousel

– The Little Mermaid: Songs From The Sea –


Hair: Exile – After The Rain Sparkle – Naturals Pack
Hair Accessory: ((OOC)) – Starfish Hair Decoration – Alithia
Arm Accessory: Wimey – Arlen’s Mark Gold Cuff
Wrist Accessory: +pe+ – Remember The Sea Bracelets
Hand Accessory: Verocity – Oceanus Trident (Fantasy Faire 2017)
Skin: Amara Beauty – Justine – 06 (Powder Pack April’17)
Eyes: Amara Beauty – Justine – Blue (Powder Pack April’17)
Bra: *M.C.* – Princess Bra – Purple
Mermaid Tail: [Tsunami] – Elicio – Limited Edition

Pose: *Everglow* – Ariel 06 (Pose Fair April’17)
Finger Pose: Maitreya Hud


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