You shall NOT PASS!!

You Shall NOT PASS!!

“I am Morganna of the Fairelands, Mage Of Rivenspire! You are not welcome here”, she called out to the huge foul creature that wants to destroy the Fairelands and devour her lands in his corrupt evil and dark ways. Conjuring up the blades of Hope, Love, Life, Happiness and Harmony in the air before her aimed at the creature, poised, waiting.

An evil cackle shrieks out from its mouth, a noise no living person wants to hear. “Do not presume you can defeat me, Fairelander! You are but one, were as I am many!”

“You forget, creature of the dark, one very important thing!” Morganna retorts back to him, blades at the ready, as he hovers up above her with the crows calling out in excitement of the battle to come.

You Shall NOT PASS!!

He tilts his head, “Oh and what is that? You small insignificant Fairelander!!” he yells back down to her, his clawed hands and feet clenching and unclenching as if getting ready to pounce.

“I am not but one Fairelander! I am but one of many thousands, who has Hope, Love, Life, Happiness and Harmony which can destroy any kind of darkness.” Pausing for a second, closing her eyes she draws on all the strength of the Fairelands and raising her voice “You have no power here . . Go back to the shadows . .  You shall NOT PASS”

Moving her arms back, gaining all the power and strength she has, focused on the swords and the creature, thrusting her arms forward in the air she sends the blades flying towards the creature. On collusion the blades explode in a blinding white ball of light. Wrapping herself tightly with up her wings so as not to get blinded she peeks from underneath and sees the ball of light disappear down behind the tower . . . .

Hope you all enjoyed my go at a story behind the picture!

Hair: Tableau Vivant – Hairplay – Front Blow – Vivids+Pastels (Gacha Item)
Skin: .:Soul:. – G2 F – Ceredil – Gyouko – SE Hyacinth (Fantasy Faire – Mudrana)
Outfit: Dirty Princess – Darkness Princess Mesh Outfit w/Shoes – Comes in standard mesh sizes with skirt, 2 tops, sleeves, leggings and shoes for slink feet (not worn)
Wings: [Spider Productions] – Ascendant Wings – Fallen (Fantasy Faire – Fallen Sands) – See previous post for full details on the wings HERE

Pose: Poseidon – Sword Mage – RFL Mega Pack (Fantasy Faire – San Mora)

Photo Taken At: Fantasy Faire – Morbus




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