Genius At Work For The Eternal Alchemy

Genius At Work For The Eternal Alchemy

Below is a list of items that can be found at the Home & Garden Expo in aid for Relay For Life that runs from 19th May – June 4th 2017

Items Featured:

World Of Wood – Can be found on Hope 2 Sponsored by Little Big Designs

Country Office Desk, Chair & Lap Top (5LI) – Chair comes with 9 male and female animations, desk can be changed different colors as well as 16 cuddle and 27 adult animations. Laptop opens upon clicking it.
Bookcases (16LI) – The cases can be changed to different wood colors
Rug (1LI) – Comes with multiple texture options
Dieffenbachia (1LI Each)
Country Office Picture (1LI) – has 6 different pictures and 9 different frame textures to choose from
Gun Cabinet (8LI) – has 9 different wood textures and cabinet doors open
Little Locker (3LI)- has 7 different wood textures to choose from

Little Big Designs – 1792 Culpepper Microscope 1b (1LI)

Hair: Truth – VIP Gift – Kare – New textures and style hud
Skin: Amara Beauty – Katie (Powder Pack May’17)
Glasses: Role Optic Glasses – SG 82 – Aries I
Top: Blueberry – Chelsea Brown



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