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Bring Your Garden To Life

Bring Your Garden To Life!

Left To Right:
Bad Katz – Cascading Pond (12LI)
Bad Katz – Hanging Ivy 1 (2LI)

Bad Katz – Lily-Tall-Orange (1LI)
Bad Katz – Lily-Tall-Purple (1LI)
Lunar Seasonal Designs – Western Reef Heron (2LI)
Bad Katz – Oriental Lily-Short Purple (1LI)
Bad Katz – Oriental Lily-Tall Pink (1LI)
Bad Katz – Lily-Tall-Yellow (1LI)

Lunar Seasonal Designs – Great White Egret (2LI)
Bad Katz – Laying Black Bear (3LI)

Bad Katz – Willow Tree (5LI)
Bad Katz – Illuminated Light String (1LI each)

All the above items are full perm and can be found at the Home & Garden Expo on Hope 2. The trees on either side of the picture can be found at Bad Katz’s mainstore.



I enjoy blogging, exploring Second Life, taking pictures as well as designing my sim with my SL hubby Garrettroam. I also like to build and have my own store The Olde Attic, as well as running our huge photo studio Backdrop Cove. Am as crazy as they come, spinning deer on a bench, dinkie kitty, a fennux fox running around . . never a dull moment around me!

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