Bring Your Garden To Life

Bring Your Garden To Life!

Left To Right:
Bad Katz – Cascading Pond (12LI)
Bad Katz – Hanging Ivy 1 (2LI)

Bad Katz – Lily-Tall-Orange (1LI)
Bad Katz – Lily-Tall-Purple (1LI)
Lunar Seasonal Designs – Western Reef Heron (2LI)
Bad Katz – Oriental Lily-Short Purple (1LI)
Bad Katz – Oriental Lily-Tall Pink (1LI)
Bad Katz – Lily-Tall-Yellow (1LI)

Lunar Seasonal Designs – Great White Egret (2LI)
Bad Katz – Laying Black Bear (3LI)

Bad Katz – Willow Tree (5LI)
Bad Katz – Illuminated Light String (1LI each)

All the above items are full perm and can be found at the Home & Garden Expo on Hope 2. The trees on either side of the picture can be found at Bad Katz’s mainstore.


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