Sorry I Haven’t Posted For A While

RFL Weekend

Sorry I haven’t posted for a while but I have a lot of family issues to deal with.

The first being that I lost my dad back in July of this year at aged 73, after a 22 year fight with MS, eplipsey, strokes and early dementia.

Then come forward 2 months later in September, we find out that mum, 58, has pancreatic cancer that has spread to her liver, is incurable, along with already having diabetes and diverticulitis.

So, as you can probably gather my head, nor my time, has been in on posting but being with and helping out my mum as much as I can, as well as still trying to get over my fathers passing, that still hasn’t sunken in fully yet.

I will try to post when I feel up to it, but it maybe a long while between posts or none at all. Best place to check for now would be my flickr page.

My family have to come first and foremost in everything, as is understandable.

**Update** Sadly my mum passed away on 25th November 2017 after her fight with cancer. She fought it to the end with dignity and inspiration taking each day as it came and not letting it control her or getting her down.

My Mum, my best friend, my rock, my inspiration . . . the world is a little less bright without your smile, love and laughter . . Forever missed, never forgotten xxx




Author: KhaleesiShinn

I enjoy blogging, exploring Second Life, taking pictures as well as designing my sim with my SL hubby Garrettroam. I also like to build and have my own store The Olde Attic, as well as running our huge photo studio Backdrop Cove. Am as crazy as they come, spinning deer on a bench, dinkie kitty, a fennux fox running around . . never a dull moment around me!

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