Always Time For Ice Cream!

Always Time For Ice Cream!

“My brain says,
go to the gym.
My says eat more,
Ice – Cream!”

Hair: Truth – Panny (Uber 25th April – 23rd May 2018)
Skin: Pink Fuel – Minji – Apricot (Catwa) (New main store release. There are 14 different skin tones. Each skin comes with:
– 4 to 7 eyebrow colors
– “no eyebrow” option included
– Additional Tintable Eyebrow HUD
– Blushed and No Blush versions
– Dimples and Freckles
– Monolid Eyelid
– 6 Eyeshadows (Creased eyelid and monolid)
– 22 lipsticks (Matte and Gloss)
– Gradient lipstick option
– Shade included
Demo can also be found on marketplace.)
Top & Skirt: Mistique – Laure Dark Blue – Comes for mesh bodies: Belleza: Isis, Venus & Freya, Slink: Physique & Hourglass, TMP, Maitreya and standard mesh sizes as well as the alphas.

Footprints In The Sand Public Beach & Private Rentals


Lady In Waiting

Lady In Waiting

You don’t need scores of suitors.
You just need one,
if he’s the right one.

Little Women

Hair: Truth – Panny (Uber 25th April – 23rd May 2018)
Dress: Silver Moon Designs – Windsor Palace Gown Set (Gold) (Aetherea Sponsored By Fallen Gods Inc – Fantasy Faire April 19th – 7th May 2018)

Foxcity – Back To Baesics

Lost Lagoon

Fantasy Faire got extended by a week after raising lets of funds at the Linden Jail & Bail event, so Linden Labs gave us an extra week! Go Relay!! Info Here

A Rare Sighitng Of Two Water Nymphs

A Rare Sighitng Of Two Water Nymphs

My Mother was a Siren.
My Father a sailor.
I am a ocean child,
and the winds
of the waves are calling,
calling me home.

Connie Cennik

Hair: Exile – Gina (Gift)
Skin: Birth – Penelope – Appliers: Bodies: Belleza, Maitreya, Omega & Slink. Head Appliers: Catwa. Comes with Shape and eyebrows, not worn in the picture. (Athenaeum Arcana Sponsored By Jeanette’s Joint – Fantasy Faire 19th – 29th April 2018)

Image Essentials – Wicked Hunger – Comes with pose balls that can be un-linked if needs be. (Dark Side Event – 14th April – 5 May 2018)

Willows Of Nilenna Sponsored by Titans & Solarium – Fantasy Faire 19th – 29th April 2018

After A Long Day Exploring

After A Long Day Exploring

The biggest adventure you
can take is to live the life
of your dreams.
Oprah Winfrey

Hair: Truth – Bewkie (VIP Gift)
Skin: Glam Affair – Abigail
Outfit: Stitched – Ginnifer Coat & Dress – Brown – Comes for mesh bodies: Hourglass, Lara, Physique & Venus as well a hud for the dress and coat. (Pools of Ethuil Sponsored by The Roawenwood – Fantasy Faire 19th – 29th April 2018 )

Foxcity – Slow Motion – Comes with 7 poses with mirrors and mobile phone prop.

The Bazaar Dungeon Sponsored By Secrets Of Gaia (Fantasy Faire 19th – 29th April 2018)

Exploring The Depths Of Fairelands Junction

Exploring The Depths Of Fairelands Junction

“Always Be
Unless You Can Be A
Then Always Be A

Crown: Tir Na Nog – Mermaid Queen Crown SAKURA(with bubbles) – Comes with a HUD ( Aetherea Sponsored By Fallen Gods – Fantasy Faire 19th – 29th April 2018)
Hair: Tableau Vivant – Hairplay – Side Blow – Natural dye(Gacha Item)
Skin: Glam Affair – Abigail
Top: Jomo – Female NAGA – Bra C
Tail: The Cove – Tidal Tail Base – Female with an Tropical Tail Sunset Applier applied to the tail

PosESioN – Dark Sea Set (10 poses in the set)

Photo taken at:
Fairelands Junction Sponsored by Lands of Luth

Taking Over The Fairechylde

Taking Over The Fairechylde

There Are People Who Play Records
There Are DJ’s Who Blow Minds

Titans – The DragonFae – Cheer – Comes with shape, avatar and alpha. (Can be found at any landing point at the Fantasy Faire – Willows Of Nilenna Sponsored by Titans & Solarium Fantasy Faire 19th – 29th April 2018)

Foxcity – Showtime (Limit8 – 18th April – 13th May 2018)

Live at the Fairechylde: Sponsored by the Lost Unicorn Gallery – Fantasy Faire 19th – 29th April 2018)

Stalking Through The Bushes

Stalking Through The Bushes

The World Is A Jungle
You Either Fight Or Run Forever

Hair: Exile – Gina (Gift)
Skin: Pink Fuel – Sabine (Latte)
Outfit: Belle Epoque – Wild Spirit

Jinx : Tiger add-on mod for the WHRH DRAFTS (Tiny Town Sponsored By Jinx Fantasy Faire 19th – 29th April 2018)

Comes with:
Instructions notecard
Jinx : Tiger add-on mod for the WHRH
Jinx : Tiger add-on mod for the WHRH (no tail)
Jinx : Tiger add-on HUD
Jinx : Tiger Saddle Pad
Sounds for Tiger Add-on

Ardessa Sponsored by Emerald Hurst Fantasy Faire 19th – 29th April 2018)