Sahi Designs – Yuletide Living Pallet Set – Sofa [PG] – Comes with 15 Female & 15 Male Singles & 37 Cuddles as well as texture options
Sahi Designs – Yuletide Living Pallet Set – Coffee Table (12LI)
[InsurrKtion] Animal Collection – Birds (1LI)
[InsurrKtion] Animal Collection – Fox (1LI)
DAWN Desk – Albany Desk Set (1LI)
DAWN Chair – Albany Desk Set (1LI) – Comes with single animations
%Percent – Imperial Cabinet MESH (2LI)
%Percent – Stirred Stool MESH (1LI) – Comes with 11 single sit animations

The above products can be found at Boardwalk 15th November – 15th December 2018 

Food & Drink:
{what next} Wintertime Mug Decor x2 (1LI each)
{what next} Wintertime Snowman Marshmallow Floats (1LI)
{what next} Wintertime Cookies (1LI)
ChiMia:: Pumpkin Spice & Chocolate Macarons x2 (1LI each)
ChiMia:: Gingerbread Latte (1LI)
ChiMia:: Square Coaster Rose Gold (1LI)

Trompe Loeil – Tatum Cabin V1.1 (80LI)
LISP – Bluebell Rug – Beige (1LI)
Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 3 (1LI)
Apple Fall Books – Arrangement 4 (1LI)
.peaches. Tap That App – Laptop and Books (2LI)
CHEZ MOI  Vintage Radio (1LI)
Little Branch GinkgoTree.v2{Animated}7Li4Seasons (7LI)

TLC Home Collection Sleepy Dalmation (Gacha & 3LI)
.a. Zak – Box (Gacha & 2LI)


Author: KhaleesiShinn

I love blogging, exploring Second Life, taking pictures as well as designing my sim with my SL hubby Garrettroam. I also like to build and have my own store The Olde Attic, as well as running our huge photo studio Backdrop Cove. Am as crazy as they come, spinning deer on a bench, dinkie kitty, a fennux fox running around . . never a dull moment around me!

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