Who Am I?

Personal Information

Who am I?

Simply put I’m a photographer, explorer, builder, role-player, DJ, Co-Owner of Thorns & Roses Club, Co-Owner of Backdrop CoveThe Olde Attic Main Store

I’m also SL married to my best friend, Garrettroam.

So, who is KhaleesiShinn?

One crazy British girl, that adores Irish Dancing and is a HUGE Michael Flatley fan.

More Detailed Information

I have been in Second Life since April 2008 over different avatars and have always enjoyed taking photos, along with learning to build, role playing and DJ’ing.

I have role played in the past with several different themes, from Fantasy as a Mermaid, Elf, to Gor (Gorean (Based on books by John Norman) from a kajira, bondmaid, Free Woman, Ubara of a Tuchuk camp, Panther girl, Pirate to a Torvislander Free Woman.

Along with this list I have also role played as a pirate at Pirates Destiny in Second Life as a pirate and mermaid. Where you can sail ships and shoot one another and sink them!

“It’s a pirate’s life for me!”

My DJ’ing has been a constant for me and I started DJ’ing back before I knew about Second Life in a MMO called City Of Heroes, which sadly closed down back in 2012.

I have also DJ’ed with a Internet Radio Station. Then when I came to SL I found a new way to DJ. As you can imagine in SL the different places you can DJ/party at is such a huge list.

My Club list is long and dates have escaped my memory. 9 years is a long time after all!

But to name a few, Escape Beach Club, Club 7, Illusions, Roissy Chateau, Grindhouse, as well as special events like New Years, Second Life’s Birthday Celebrations and weddings.