Who Am I?

Personal Information

Who am I?

Simply put I’m a photographer, explorer, builder, role-player, DJ, Co-Owner of Thorns & Roses Club, Owner of The Olde Attic.

I’m also SL married to my best friend, Garrettroam.

So, who is KhaleesiShinn?

One crazy British girl, that adores Irish Dancing and is a HUGE Michael Flatley fan.

More Detailed Information

I have been in Second Life since April 2008 over different avatars and have always enjoyed taking photos, along with learning to build, role playing and DJ’ing.

I have role played in the past with several different themes, from Fantasy as a Mermaid, Elf, to Gor (Gorean (Based on books by John Norman) from a kajira, bondmaid, Free Woman, Ubara of a Tuchuk camp, Panther girl, Pirate to a Torvislander Free Woman.

Along with this list I have also role played as a pirate at Pirates Destiny in Second Life as a pirate and mermaid. Where you can sail ships and shoot one another and sink them!

“It’s a pirate’s life for me!”

My Dj’ing has been a constant for me and I started DJ’ing back before I knew about Second Life in a MMO called City Of Heroes, which sadly closed down back in 2012.

I have also DJ’ed with a Internet Radio Station. Then when I came to SL I found a new way to DJ. As you can imagine in SL the different places you can DJ/party at is such a huge list.

My Club list is long and dates have escaped my memory. 9 years is a long time after all!

But to name a few, Escape Beach Club, Club 7, Illusions, Roissy Chateau, Grindhouse, as well as special events like New Years, Second Life’s Birthday Celebrations and weddings.